The Candle Pour Experience

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Clean Slate Botanicals’ Candle Pour Experience provides a place where friends can gather, connect, and create. Create lasting memories and a candle that is unique to you.

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How it works

How It Works: As you walk through our doors, grab a seat at your station and let our staff guide you through the process. You will start at The Scent Bar, where you can smell all of our amazing scents. Smell as many as you like, and jot down the ones you love on your fragrance sheet, a Clean Slate Botanicals staff member can help guide you in selecting up to three of your favorite scents to blend together. Afterwards, hand your clipboard over to a team member and stop in to the Clean Slate Botanical storefront and choose the perfect vessel. A team member will then assist you in pouring your custom fragrance mixture with your melted candle-wax. When you are done combining the two, you will pour your candle mixture into your vessel and you can leave the rest to us! Your candle will be done curing and ready for pick up in 5 days.

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